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Yes, it's possible to be a Jewish atheist. I don't believe it is possible to be an atheist and accept the Jewish religion, but a Jewish atheist can accept or even relish being one of the Jewish people and being a part of the Jewish culture. An atheist is liberated from the religious commandments that don't have a humanistic basis, but nevertheless can embrace those traditions that are meaningful or useful.

Personally, I celebrate a few of the holidays, fast on Yom Kippur, and rarely eat anything called "bread" on Passover. I try to leave some raspberries in my raspberry patch for my neighbors. My rabbi has encouraged me to consider finding a way to keep the Sabbath. While I would not consider keeping it in the traditional way, I'm thinking about it! Certainly the idea of having one day a week that's somewhat special is appealing.

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If I ever wrote a cook book, it would be something like, How To Survive On Raw Vegetables, Random Frozen Foods, and the Occasional Stir Fry but some of my favorite people have food blogs, so I might as well link to them.

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