June 3, 1994, to the Boston Globe, on the Pope and overpopulation

Dear Editor,

Global overpopulation is one of the greatest problems faced by humankind, and Pope John Paul II is possibly the most significant individual contributor to it, as he showed again at yesterday's meeting with President Clinton.

Of course he has a right to believe whatever he wants, and he has a right to lead the Catholic Church. But how far should he lead the Church into the international politics of contraception and abortion?

Overpopulation, and the effects of overpopulation such as starvation and pollution, are tragic no matter what your religion. We all agree on that. But there is no such agreement on the morality of contraception and abortion, both of which happen to reduce overpopulation.

The Pope must realize that ethical, thinking people all over the world differ on what is right regarding contraception and abortion, and particularly because overpopulation is so obviously wrong, he should be sensitive to the right of individuals to make their own choices.

Jon Dreyer