Jacoby's Potshot At Evolution


Jeff Jacoby, in his Oct 2 op-ed, joins the ostriches who can't see that "intelligent design" (ID) is merely a secular disguise for creationism. Unless he knows better but is complicit in the deception.

Attempting to show evidence of Darwin's own doubt, he quotes Darwin: "the bishop makes a very telling case against me." Somehow he neglected the rest of the sentence: "but this is very unfair, as in such cases as this ... the evidence is and must be very doubtful." Oops.

He admits that ID isn't science. He also claims ID is not religion but admits that it's a restatement of a "timeless argument" which sounds like religion to me.

The last century of biology rests on the pedestal of Darwinian evolution, probably the most tested and the most predictive theory biology has ever had. It will take more than the few pieces of doubtful evidence that comprise the "evidence" for ID to topple this pedestal.

Jonathan Dreyer