"Intelligent Design" Design


So President Bush supports teaching of "Intelligent Design". Seeming open-minded, he suggests that "Both sides ought to be properly taught." But among scientists there is essentially only one side of this manufactured "conflict". "Intelligent Design" is not even considered a testable scientific theory, much less a valid one.

Maybe Bush should open his mind just a bit wider and suggest that we teach a few more alternative theories, such as the flat Earth theory, the geocentric universe theory, or the pi equals three theory (2 Chronicles 4:2). Those "alternative theories" have about as much traction in the scientific community as does "Intelligent Design" (though they do at least have the advantage of being testable!)

"Intelligent Design" is nothing more than a religious doctrine, creationism, cloaked in non-religious language so it can slither into the schools under the watchful eyes of the First Amendment.

That this emperor has no cloak is unfortunately lost on much of the public, but that is all the more reason to leave science curriculum to scientists, not politicians.

Jonathan Dreyer