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RCN Pricing

I am no longer maintaining this page since you can get that information from RCN's "special offers" page. But I'll leave the information here, with its outdated information, in case anybody finds it useful.

RCN seems not to like to put prices on their web site (though you can get some price information from their special offers page) so I put this page together and update it as I get new information. Some prices are more up-to-date than others. Look for [square brackets] to to see when I last updated the price. Of course I can't be sure I have the most up-to-date prices, or even that I got everything right, so please check with RCN for the actual prices. Also watch out for special offers (which I will not attempt to keep up with).

These prices are for Lexington, MA but I guess they are the same throughout Massachusetts.

All prices are per month, except as noted.

These prices do not include taxes and fees, which amount to about $20 with my Platinum service. Presumably they'd be somewhat less with the other plans.

Digital vs analog TV seems to complicate matters. Digital TV supposedly gives you more channels and better quality than analog. New cable TV customers seem to have no choice but to get (and pay for) digital TV.

Resilink packages [as of 2004-03-01]

PlanAnalog TVDigital UpgradeIncludes
Silver$95$11.95 Phone and TV
Bronze$88n.a. Cable modem and phone
Mercury$99? Cable modem and TV
Gold$145? Cable modem (MegaModem Mach 5), phone, TV
Platinum$180? Cable modem (MegaModem Mach 5), 2 phone lines, 2 TVs

Power Bundles [as of 2004-02-03]

Power CPI Plus$162CATV, phone, Internet
Power CPI$145CATV, phone, Internet
Power CP$90-$100CATV, phone
Power PI$92phone, Internet
Power CI$101CATV, Internet

Essentials Bundles [as of 2004-02-03]

Essentials/CPI$94CATV, phone, Internet
Essentials/CP$58CATV, phone
Essentials/CI$80CATV, Internet
Essentials/PI$57phone, Internet
Essentials/International?CATV, phone w/ international calling plan

Some À La Carte Rates [except as noted, as of 2002-02-18]

$54.95cable modem Internet (w/cable modem rental) at MegaModem Mach 3 speed (3 Mb/s down, 800 kb/s up) [price as of 2003-01-26]
?ValueModem (256 kb/s down, 128 kb/s up)
$5.00discount for customer-supplied cable modem [as of 2003-01-26]
$49.95one-time "truck roll" charge for existing customers to replace rented cable modem with customer's modem [as of 2002-12-09] but many customers have installed their own without being charged
$25MegaModem Mach 5 (5 Mb/s download cap) [price as of 2002-12-09]
$10MegaModem Mach 5 (for Bronze, Mercury, Essentials customers) [as of 2003-02-27]
freeMegaModem Mach 5 (for Gold, Platinum customers) [as of 2003-02-27]
$20unlimited long distance [as of 2004-02-03]
$19.95static IP address [as of 2003-02-27]
$19.99"ultra feature pak deluxe" for phone line
$33.95basic cable
$3.95analog cable box rental [as of 2003-04-01]
$4.95digital cable box rental [as of 2003-04-01]
$6.95"additional" digital cable box rental [as of 2003-04-01]
$6.35Caller ID (name & number) [2003-04-01]
$8.00feature package (call waiting, caller ID, call waiting id) [2003-04-01]

Lexington Phone Zones [as of 2001-03-01]

Zone 1 local Arlington, Belmont, Billerica, Burlington, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Waltham, Winchester, Woburn
Zone 1 other Brighton, Medford, Newton, Somerville, Stoneham, Watertown
Zone 2 Boston Central, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chelsea, Dedham, Dorchester, East Boston, Everett, Jamaica Plain, Lynn, Malden, Melrose, Milton, Needham, Newton, Revere, Roxbury, Somerville, South Boston,Wakefield, Wellesley, Winthrop

Phone Plans [as of 2001-03-01]

planà la carte priceZone 1
Zone 1
Zone 2plus...
Preferred$32.94unlimitedunlimitedunlimitedIntra-LATA: 1 hr free, then $.046/min
Ultra$43.60unlimitedunlimitedunlimited617, 508, 781 and 978
area codes: unlimited

Last modified: 2004-02-03

High Speed Internet Access in Lexington
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