High Speed Internet in Lexington

Fast Internet Access on Cable

Sent to the Minuteman July 31, 1998

Cable TV providers in many nearby towns offer Internet access on the cable. Transfer rates are around 100 times faster than on the telephone, you're always connected, and it doesn't tie up a phone line.

Cablevision, Lexington's current provider, has announced a major system upgrade including Internet access over the next three years. Each town's position in the queue depends on Cablevision's perception of demand. Other providers such as RCN may eventually compete in Lexington, but probably not in this century.

We believe that Lexington has a greater concentration of Internet users than Cablevision's other towns, but we need you wired citizens to demonstrate the pent-up demand for fast Internet access. If you want a cable modem available in three months rather than three years, please take any or all of the following actions:

  1. Attend the Cablevision compliance hearing next Wednesday, August 12, and express your desire for fast Internet access. It is at 7:30 PM in the Selectmen's meeting room, Town Office Building. Brief statements from residents can have very significant impact at hearings like this.
  2. Read and sign the online petition at http://www.pobox.com/~jdreyer/ipcable/ [petition no longer exists, but the web page still does] and publicize this web page to others in town.
  3. [No-longer-relevant email and phone suggestions deleted]
Jon Dreyer
Harry Forsdick
Tom Fortmann

Jonathan Dreyer
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